Put on Something Black and Take this AHS Coven Tour in New Orleans

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Did anyone else watch American Horror Story: Coven and secretly want to be a part of it? Well, wear something black and buckle up for this American Horror Story New Orleans tour!

American Horror Story New Orleans Tour

American Horror Story New Orleans Tour

There are so many unique tours to take in New Orleans that it can be a little hard to pick which one(s) to do, but I was super excited when I found out about this filming location tour that is based on the American Horror Story show – specifically the Coven season.

I love this show, but Coven was by far one of my top favorite seasons. Who doesn’t love witches and Jessica Lange?

This in-depth walking tour lasts about two hours and explores the significant locations within the historic French Quarter that were featured in American Horror Story: Coven. The tour guides are very knowledgeable, experienced, and entertaining. Not only are you visiting filming locations and talking about the fictional television show, but you’re also visiting real historical locations with a ton of real history that is already naturally spooky. The guides weave the storyline between the fiction and fact while explaining just how much of the show was based on real-life events.

For instance — did you know that Madame LaLaurie – played by none other than Kathi Bates – was very much a real person and many of the things that were depicted in the show actually happened. During this tour, you’ll visit the spot where Madame LaLaurie lived and where her body was exhumed.

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And, we’ve all heard of the ‘Voodoo Queen’ Marie Laveau – played by Angela Bassett in American Horror Story. You’ll be able to visit not only her tomb in St Louis Cemetery No.1 but also visit the house in which she once lived.

What Locations are Included in the Tour?

I don’t want to give up all of their secrets and locations, but I do want you to know what filming sites you’ll be visiting.

  • The location where they dug up Madam LaLaurie’s body – in the show.

American Horror Story New Orleans Tour

  • The location where the witches put on their best black clothing and go on a “field trip” and you get to re-create your own Witches’ Walk!

American Horror Story New Orleans Tour

  • A historic home where interior and exterior shots were filmed.

American Horror Story New Orleans Tour

  • Congo Square which has a lot of historical and cultural meaning.

American Horror Story New Orleans Tour

  • The site of Marie Laveau’s former home (in real life!)

American Horror Story New Orleans Tour

  • A historic home where exterior scenes were shot of Madame LaLaurie’s parties and more.

American Horror Story New Orleans Tour

  • The real LaLaurie Mansion which Nicholas Cage owned for a period of time before he went bankrupt.
  • St Louis Cemetery No. 1 where you will be focused on three tombs – Marie Laveau, Madame LaLaurie, and the future tomb of Nicolas Cage. Yep, you read that right!
  • And, other spots!

American Horror Story New Orleans Tour

American Horror Story New Orleans Tour American Horror Story New Orleans Tour American Horror Story New Orleans Tour

My Thoughts on the Guide

The guide will vary and so I can’t guarantee that you’ll have the same one on your tour. But, I was very impressed with ours – Terese.

I received an email ahead of time letting me know where we would be meeting and what she would be wearing. She let me know she’d also be carrying a black umbrella – how perfect!

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She was extremely friendly and knew her stuff – both about the show and about New Orleans. You could tell she had a passion for being a guide and showing off all the great and weird things about New Orleans.

Tip: Make sure to tip guides when you take tours. This is a big chunk of their pay. 

American Horror Story Coven New Orleans Locations Not on the Tour

In order to make this tour not last all day or have you walk way too much, there are a few filming locations that are not included in the tour. Terese was kind of enough to tell us about them if we wanted to go seek them out on our own.

Buckner Mansion (a.k.a Miss Robichaux’s Academy)

The Buckner Mansion is located in the Garden District and is shots were filmed for the exterior of the Academy.

Popp’s Fountain

Not an actual filming location but Terese told us about Popp’s Fountain in City Park. In the 1970s, this was known as gathering place for witches specifically a coven founded by Mary Oneida. Mary founded the first witch coven to be recognized by the State of Louisiana as a church and is still in existence today – known as the Religious Order of Witchcraft. It is thought that this fountain is a fountain of youth.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 2

Site of the jazz funeral in episode 10.

What Other Tours are Offered?

If American Horror Story isn’t your thing or you have time to do more than one tour, New Orleans Film Tours offers several other options!

  • The Originals Fan Tour
  • NCIS New Orleans Fan Tour
  • St Louis Cemetery 1 Tour
  • Garden District Film & Cemetery Tour
  • Ghostly Galavant

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