11 of the Weirdest and Most Entertaining Facebook Groups

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Looking to waste time? Or, just find something humorous in the world? Here are the best Facebook groups to waste time or just find the weirdest things.

I know we’re all stuck at home for a while – and who really knows how long. Even after we’re able to get back to semi-normal lives, I really think travel might be off the table for a bit. So, you’re bound to get a little bored. You need creative new ways to be entertained especially at home. Sometimes social media infuriates me but sometimes – like now – I’m thankful for how it allows us to be connected even when we can’t be together. And, I love the ridiculous groups I find. I find myself scrolling for an embarrassing amount of time in some of them because they’re so entertaining. So, I put together this list of the best Facebook groups – which are really just weird Facebook groups because naturally, those are the best ones.
best facebook groups

The Best Facebook Groups for Weird Entertainment

OctoNation® – The Largest Octopus Fan Club!

OctoNation® – The Largest Octopus Fan Club is filled with artists, underwater photographers/videographers, researchers, and a ton of cephalopod enthusiasts
You’ll find the coolest facts, art, videos, and meet EVEN COOLER PEOPLE in the process!
So love having you here– and I hope your octopus dreams come true!

I love this group! If you love cephalopods then you’ll love it too.

Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

This group was created as a place for the founders to share the wacky things they find with friends and family, so we’d have a place to archive them, like some sort of strange museum. We expected to have a grand total of about a dozen members, but we welcome all you party crashers too! Share the odd, unusual, and wonderful pieces that you come across whilst thrifting, visiting yard sales, estate sales, antique stores, etc. We even accept items you inherited or found while renovating!
This is a place for lighthearted fun and shenanigans. We expect you to err on the side of kindness in all of your interactions within the group. If you can’t play nice with the other kids, then you don’t get to play in our sandbox. That being said, the group is actually geared towards adults and as such you will see things like swearing, items made from animal parts, items with death themes, etc. If you find these things upsetting then this group may not be a good fit for you.

This post is a time sucker. So many weird but also amazing and cool secondhand finds are shared here!

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Oddities & Curiosities Community: Weird & Unusual Travel

This group is for like-minded individuals who are interested in the strange and unusual corners of the world including abandoned locations, haunted destinations, cemeteries, weird roadside attractions, and more. This group was started and is moderated by Ashley Hubbard, creator of Oddities & Curiosities Travel [odditiesandcuriositiestravel.com].

I couldn’t write this and not include my own group. It’s a new group but I’d love to have more people join!

Weird Paranormal Things to Discuss

Spooky stories, spooky artifacts, and spooky places.

ADHD And Chill

A group where people with ADHD can share memes and hang out without being dickheads. No discourse, no shitposting, very little politics and all the chill 😌

I found this group after being diagnosed with ADHD this year, at 33 years old. You may not love it if you can’t relate, but I love having a group with people like me when I’ve felt so different my whole life.
best facebook groups

Misumderstood biteybois amd where to befriemd them

A group that appreciates misumderstood amimals with lemgthy teeth, for example sharks, alligators/crocodiles, big cats, doggos, birbs etc.

And, you can’t use the letter ‘N.’ 


A group for chonky cats. No chonk shaming allowed. If you love seeing pics of chonky kitties, you’ll love this group.

Dinosaurs Against Christians Who Are Against Dinosaurs

This is the one and only DACWAAD: Dinosaurs Against Christians Who Are Against Dinosaurs. This is not an atheist group and we are not anti-Christian. We stand against only those people pretending to be Christians who don’t believe dinosaurs ever existed.

best facebook groups

signs with threatening auras

A tag group for when signs aren’t supposed to sound like a threat but they do.

A Group Where We Pretend to be Boomers

They don’t have a group description, but I feel like it’s pretty self-explanatory.

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Things Found In Walls – And Other Hidden Findings

Share your stories of things you have found in walls, dug up in your backyard, or in that abandoned house across the street from your grandma’s. Also feel free to share stories from people you know or someone you know knows. Or just stories from the great World Wide Web. Let’s have fun and get weird!


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Ashley Hubbard is a writer, photographer, and blogger based in Nashville, Tennessee. When she's not searching out the strange and unusual things in life, she's searching out vegan food and is passionate about sustainability, animal rights, and social justice.

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