13 Ghost Puns So Good They’ll Haunt You in Your Sleep

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Who’s ready to get spooky? The right answer is everyone and all the time. But, since Halloween is right around the corner and the veil will be thinner, it’s the perfect time for some hauntings and ghost puns.

A little paranormal activity might put you on edge, but if you bring a little humor to the situation, perhaps it won’t seem so scary. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you can still get in that Halloween spirit. So grab your costumes, put up the decor, schedule the cemetery seances, and BYOB (bring your own boos).

Whatever your plans are for All Hallow’s Eve or if you just stay spooky all year round, these 13 ghost puns are perfect whenever you need the perfect haunting caption.

13 Ghost Puns

1. And, I shall call you Casper.

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2. I’m a little jealous of these friends.

3. Better love story than Twilight.

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4. They’re all L-7 Weenies.


5. Preferably not that Coors Light crap tho.


6. Possibly the best way to go through?

7. Flatten the curve?


8. They didn’t get the BYOB memo.

9. The comeback vegetable.

10. I’m okay with this haunting.

11. I wanna be the little boo.


12. Expert ghoster here.

13. Afterlife Chronicles.


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