Lots Of Skull Puns That Are Too Humerus Tibia Honest

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These skull puns are perfect for Halloween Instagram captions, but honestly, they’re relevant all year long due to the silly nature of skeletons.

Whether to pair with your skeleton costume or just to have a little anatomical comic relief on your next trip to the emergency room, these funny bone jokes and hilarious bone puns are perfect tibia honest.

The Most Humerus Skull Puns

Bone appetit.

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Bone-jour, mes amis.

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For bone lovers.

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*Insert naughty skeleton joke*

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Skeleton Puns

  • Bone to be wild.
  • Tibia, or not tibia? That is the question.
  • When cabin fever becomes cabin femur.
  • Carpal Diem.
  • I had a true epipha-knee.

Skeleton Puns for Couples & Best Friends

  • Ain’t nobody gonna Rib us apart.
  • Skele-Tinder date.
  • You give me femur… femur when you kiss me, femur when you hold me tight.
  • With this one, I always know everything is going tibia okay.
  • I ulna want to be with you.

Skeleton Jokes

  • What’s a skeleton’s favorite thing to get at a BBQ? Spare ribs.
  • How do you make a skeleton laugh? Tickle its funny bone.
  • What do you call a skeleton who goes out in the snow? A numb-skull.
  • What do you call a dad joke about skeletons? A skele-pun!
  • What happened when the skeletons rode pogo sticks? They had a rattling good time!
  • How did skeletons send mail in the old days? The bony express
  • They’ve modernized this joke. When I was a kid it was a rotary skelephone.
  • What’s a skeletons favorite tv shows? Bones.
  • How much does a pile of bones weigh? A skeleTON
  • What do you call a skeleton who goes to school but doesn’t do any work? Lazy bones.
  • What happened to the pirate ship that sank in a sea full of sharks? It came back with a skeleton crew.
  • What’s a skeleton’s favorite instrument? A sax-a-bone.
  • What do bony people use to get into their homes? A skeleton key.
  • What is a skeleton’s favorite thing to do with their cell phone? Take skelfies.
  • American skeletons love the history of America. Their favourite part is the bit about Napoleon Bone-a-part.
  • Where do you imprison a skeleton? In a rib cage.
  • Where’s the coolest part of a skeleton? Its hip.
  • The skeleton didn’t like to talk on the rotary skelephone—he preferred his cell bone.
  • Did you hear about the bone that was almost eaten by a group of wild dogs? It was a marrow escape.
  • What was the skeleton doing at the hockey game? Driving the zam-boney.
  • Why are skeletons so calm? Because nothing gets under their skin.
  • What’s a skeleton’s favorite plant? A bone-zai.
  • How do French skeletons say hello? “Bone-jour!”
  • Who is a famous skeleton detective? Sherlock Bones.
  • Why didn’t the skeleton ask someone to the Halloween party? He didn’t have the guts!
  • Why can’t skeletons play church music? Because they have no organs.
  • There’s not much to this joke. It’s bare bones.
  • Dressing up as a skeleton was definitely a phlang-enius idea.
  • Getting hurt is such a bone-breaking experience, but you can’t deny it’s a spine-tickling event.
  • Why can’t a legless skeleton win an argument? They don’t have a leg to stand on.
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Funny Skeleton Names

  • Sherlock Bones
  • Bone Jovi
  • Ulna Thurman
  • Napoleon Bone-apart
  • The Big Le-bone-ski
  • Indiana Bones
  • Captain Jack Marrow
  • Christopher Walken Dead
  • Boney-Wan Kenobi
  • Jessica Bones
  • Jack Skellington
  • Skeletor

Corny Jokes about Bones

  • I went to the doctor to donate my body to science. He told me I had to spine on the dotted line.
  • I went to a orthopaedic doctor’s house for tea. She served it in bone china.
  • I like to watch my favourite bone doctor show on the skelevision.
  • I always knew I would end up being an orthopedic doctor. When I was a child I just felt it in my bones.

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