11 Wednesday Addams Tattoo Ideas That Are Kooky And Ooky

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These Wednesday Addams tattoo ideas are kooky, spooky, and ooky. Whether you’re a fan of the original TV show, the 90s films, or the brand-new Tim Burton Wednesday show on Netflix, you will love these tattoos.

Wednesday Addams Tattoo - Social

There are reasons why Wednesday is one of the favorite Addams family members – her dark wit, her goth style, her ability to stay weird, and her undying loyalty.

Wednesday Addams Tattoo Ideas

1. Spooky Wednesday Tattoo

It wouldn’t be Wednesday without a little spookiness and this tattoo does it just right.

2. Epic Wednesday Tattoo

Everything about this Wednesday half-sleeve is absolutely perfect.

Wednesday Addams Tattoo
Tattoo by @lilianraya

3. Small Wednesday Tattoo

She may be small, but she is mighty. And glaring at you.

Wednesday Addams Tattoo
Tattoo by @ponylawson

4. Wednesday Portrait Tattoo

A little Wednesday portrait is perfect for your arm.

Wednesday Addams Tattoo
Tattoo by @nicocatucci

5. Traditional Wednesday Tattoo

This traditional take on a Wednesday Addams tattoo is anything but traditional.

Wednesday Addams Tattoo
Tattoo by @redliptattoo

6. Vibrant Wednesday Tattoo

Another epic Wednesday tattoo by the talented Lilian Raya.

Wednesday Addams Tattoo
Tattoo by @lilianraya

7. Black & White Wednesday Tattoo

A tribute to Wednesday isn’t complete without Thing.

Wednesday Addams Tattoo
Tattoo by @cuttybage

8. Wednesday Quote Tattoo

Combining Wednesday with one of her classicly witty quotes is a great idea.

Wednesday Addams Tattoo
Tattoo by @bazgrole

9. “Stay Weird” Wednesday Tattoo

You have ours, and Wednesday’s, full permission to stay weird.

10. Epic Wednesday Tattoo

This spooky tattoo combines elements of Wednesday, Beetlejuice (another Tim Burton classic), and some cute little ghosts.

Wednesday Addams Tattoo
Tattoo by @angeloparente

11. Cartoon Wednesday Addams Tattoo

Don’t forget to drink your poison.

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