Who am I?

I’m Ashley – a freelance writer, photographer, and travel blogger from Nashville, Tennessee.  My first blog – Wild Hearted – covers vegan and sustainable travel. I have six years of blogging and social media experience in my corner and, for that reason, I can offer a skill set for brands and destinations interested in reaching travel enthusiasts and animal lovers.  Read more about me here.

Who is my audience?

Oddities & Curiosities Travel produces content that appeals to those who love experiencing the world’s strange and unusual spots.


Current site stats as of May, 1 2020:

Average monthly visitors: 7,000+
Average monthly page views: 17,500+
Facebook fans: 217+
Instagram followers: 91+
Twitter followers: 300+
Pinterest followers: 100+
Pinterest Monthly Views: 140k+
Newsletter subscribers: 0

To learn more about my readers and website stats, please download a copy of my media kit (coming soon!)


Wild Hearted has partnered with dozens of destinations and travel brands in the last six years and I can offer that same expertise and experience with Oddities and Curiosities Travel.

What I Can Offer During Partnerships

With a partnership, you can secure this type of coverage :

  • Social media coverage during trip/experience (including tags on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram photos, and use of a hashtag if appropriate).
  • An agreed-upon number of blog posts after the trip/experience, complete with photos and permanently embedded links.
  • other options available upon request.

Please contact me to discuss possible partnership opportunities with Oddities and Curiosities Travel by emailing [email protected].

Disclosure Notice

In accordance with ethical blogging practices, all reviews/promotion hosted on Oddities and Curiosities Travel in exchange for a travel experience will be 100% truthful and include a sponsorship notation somewhere in the post. I will not talk badly about your competitors in any review, post, or discussion under any circumstance, and I do not guarantee positive coverage.

2020 Travel Plans

My upcoming travel plans include:

March: Ohio
April: Denver and Gulf Shores
May: Kansas City
June: Smoky Mountains

When I’m not traveling, you’ll find me at home near Nashville, Tennessee.

If you represent a travel-related company in any of the areas listed above (or even any others!), please get in touch to discuss a partnership.

Hire Me

I work outside of this space too!

Freelance Travel Writing

As a travel blogger with six years of online writing experience under my belt, I am in the position to offer writing services to travel-related websites or publications.  I also have other areas of interest and expertise that I enjoy writing about – if you don’t see the topic listed here, please still reach out!

Whether you are looking for original content about somewhere I have traveled to, or you need a research-based piece written about a specific destination, I can provide you with a unique story — often with photos included – either of my own or through Creative Commons.

**To discuss rates for the above-mentioned services, please contact me at [email protected].


Advertisers on Oddities and Curiosities Travel can reach a wide audience of travel-minded readers, who are interested in engaging stories and useful information about travel as a whole.  Due to my own personal and moral beliefs, content must always be vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and ethical in nature.  I will never promote animal products, products tested on animals, or unethical animal tourism.

Advertising Options

Oddities and Curiosities Travel is willing to discuss a variety of advertising options on this site. A few examples of available advertising options are:

  • Reviews – of products, services, attractions, tours, hotels, books, and more.
  • Branded content – for example, posts or links within a post.
  • Social media amplification – on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Ads – banner ads or text.

Rates are competitive but negotiable. Please contact [email protected] for more information, or to discuss rates.

I do NOT accept sponsored posts written by third parties. Please do not send me pitches for posts.  Everything on my site will be written by myself.

The Fine Print

Any sponsored content published on this blog will include a disclaimer and/or disclosure notice, identifying it as such, in line with FTC guidelines.