Ghost Tours in 10 of the Most Haunted Places in the US

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Who doesn’t love a good ghost tour? Despite being a relatively young country, the United States has a lot of spooky and haunted history which leaves room for a lot of ghost tours. The best ghost tours in the US are something that everyone who is a fan of the supernatural should visit. From every corner of the country, there are a lot of options no matter where you are in the country.

There are a lot of horrible things that have happened, unfortunately – from murders to witchcraft trials to wars so it’s no surprise that there are stories of ghosts and hauntings all around the country. A lot of cities claim to be some of the most haunted and who knows which one is the most haunted but try these 10 best ghost tours in the US and let me know which one frightened you the most!

Best Ghost Tours in the US

Eureka Springs

It’s possible that many people have not heard of Eureka Springs in Arkansas, but Eureka Springs ghost tours are worth a visit. This little town in the northwest corner of Arkansas is home to ‘America’s Most Haunted Hotel’ and taking the ghost tour at Crescent Hotel is definitely one of the best ghost tours in the US. They run every evening at 8 pm. The tour lasts about 75 minutes and takes you all over the hotel including the basement morgue!

New Orleans

American Horror Story New Orleans Tour

When people think of spooky and haunted in the United States, New Orleans often comes up. New Orleans is weird, the perfect destination for Halloween or a great weekend getaway and, of course, there’s a lot of haunted places in New Orleans. New Orleans is often thought of as America’s most haunted city and it is heavily rich in legends, folklore, hauntings, and more. Perhaps you’ll even find vampires, voodoo queens, and more.

There are plenty of haunted and ghost tours in New Orleans and all have some fantastic qualities. Consider taking an American Horror Story: Coven filming location tour which visits the filming sites from the AHS season, but also touches heavily on real-life stories and legends.

Key West

Jenn and Ed of Coleman Concierge

Key West is famous for things that go bump in the night. I hear they have ghosts too. Seriously though, the Key West ghost tour is great fun and fits nicely on a romantic Key West trip between a sunset dinner and a night out on Duval Street.

Did I mention Key West’s ghosts? You’ll see Robert the Doll, the most haunted object in the world – definitely qualifying this as one of the best ghost tours in the US – as well as artifacts from creepy Count Von Cosel, who mummified a patient who died of TB and lived with her for years before the family found out. There’s also the ghost from the wrecking tower a visit to Higg’s Cemetery too. Some say Key West is almost as haunted as Savannah.

Legend has it that ghosts can’t cross water. That’s why there are so many blue porch lights at Key West and so many spirits of those who have passed. No matter if you believe or just like tingling tales, taking the Trolly of the Damned through Key West is well worth the price of admission. Either way, you might find yourself snuggling just a little bit more when you make it back to your room.


Anya of Road is Calling

Waverly Hills Sanatorium on the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky is one of the most spooky places I have ever been to. No wonder why, it is actually one of the most haunted places in America. My husband and I went on an overnight tour to Waverly in the late spring a few years ago but until this day, when remembering the details of our tour, we are still getting goosebumps.

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Waverly Hills Sanatorium has a very interesting and rich history. It used to be a small school for girls which later turned into a massive, collegiate, gothic style hospital for people afflicted with tuberculosis. In 1900, Louisville, Kentucky had the highest tuberculosis death rate in America and even with the new advanced tuberculosis sanatorium a lot of people died. More than that, they didn’t die in peace. Most of them left this world in pain and agony from the disease itself and from cruel “treatments”.

Before going on a tour, we personally didn’t put much thought into it. We just went there to get an adrenaline rush from walking at night in a dark somewhat neglected building. None of us believed stories of others that they saw or heard something or that this sanatorium was haunted. And later, after experiencing some very strange things, we learned that Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a place where one can see the unknown and as far as Louisville ghost tours, it’s definitely the best.

If you decide to tour this place, I recommend getting a VIP tour. Recently, owners decided to increase the number of visitors in one group and almost 50 people go together to explore the building during the night. With so many people, it is a tad difficult to explore or hear anything. With a VIP tour, which unfortunately is more expensive, you get more privacy and the ability to get lost.


Derek of Robe Trotting

Philadelphia is an amazing city to visit and most people are aware of the special role it’s played in American history. Philadelphia is the birthplace of the nation and where The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. With such a long and vibrant history, it’s no surprise that some parts of Philly’s past still haunt the city today. One way to revisit that past is through one of the Philadelphia Ghost Tours. The best way to enjoy a ghost tour in the city is through Grim Philly.

Grim Philly is a fantastic company to book a number of different ghost tours and events in Philadelphia. They have a full calendar of tour options that change seasonally and won’t disappoint. They have ghost tour pub crawls and walking tours with different themes like voodoo, serial killers, witches, and colonial ghost tours. There’s even a ghost tour boat trip on the Delaware River. Grim Philly hosts themed ghost tours for holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day as well. The cost of their tours average $50 USD per person, and they often hold sales and specials through sites like Groupon.

Their creative approach to ghost tours sets them apart in a city where walking tours are a dime a dozen. Their guides are professional and the owner of Grim Philly is a former history professor, which shines through in their tours. There are so many things to do in Philadelphia but when in town, check out a Grim Philly tour – you won’t regret it.

Colonial Williamsburg

Stella Jane of Around the World in 24 Hours

Colonial Williamsburg is a living history museum that preserves parts of Virginia’s old capital city the way it would have been during colonial times. And you know what makes history more exciting? Ghosts! That’s why Colonial Williamsburg ghost tours are a great thing to check out. There is a special Haunted Williamsburg ghost tour that will tell you all about the assorted spirits that have haunted the buildings for centuries. (For smaller children, there’s a special Ghost Walk Junior.)

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The Haunted Williamsburg tour costs 19 dollars for adults and 12 dollars for children 12 and under. The entire tour is lit by candlelight and actually takes you into the historic homes. You’ll feel like you are traveling through time! There are so many ghost stories associated with Williamsburg because it’s one of the oldest cities in the United States. So you might hear different stories depending on your guide that evening.

Some of the best haunted buildings in Colonial Williamsburg include the Brick House Tavern and the Randolph House. Apparently guests at the Brick House Tavern, which is still a working hotel, claim that ghosts sometimes try to join them in the night. And the Randolph House is often called one of the most haunted houses in America, but you have to take the tour to find out why! Once the tour is over, head back home and try to sleep soundly. Just don’t be surprised if George Washington’s ghost tries to hitch a ride with you!


Jamie of The Daily Adventures of Me

things to do in salem ma in october

Salem is a spooky town, even without taking a ghost tour. It has a long, sinister history beginning in the late 1600s when falsified claims led to the deaths of 20 innocent people. Since then the town has drawn many people interested in history, but also witchcraft.

My teenage son and I have taken ghost tours all over North America, but one of the Salem haunted tours with Ken from Sinister Stories of Salem was by far the best.

On the tour, Ken regals with stories and songs of the trials and hauntings that happen around town. Ken brings his stories to life, in part by the character that he is (or is playing?). He is a soft-spoken Mennonite. The group is small and he speaks directly to you. Unlike most tours I have taken, he isn’t just throwing out tidbits of information, but including you in his stories. Three years later, I am still trying to figure out how much of his character is an act or if it was real. You can read more about this ghost tour and how to spend a day in Salem, Massachusetts.

The Queen Mary

Michelle of That Texas Couple 

Paranormal investigators and ghost hunters, both novice and professional, have flocked to the famous Queen Mary over the years.  This historic vessel, now permanently docked in Long Beach, California is known far and wide as being haunted. These hauntings along with the history of this beautiful ship make it one of the best ghost tours in the U.S. 

The Queen Mary haunted tour is an awesome experience.  Visitors are greeted by their tour guide and immediately escorted through a locked door, allowing them access to parts of the ship not granted to the general public.  During the tour, you are treated to stories of the ship’s famous apparitions. Among the stories are various children that are known to show themselves throughout the boat, the mysterious ‘lady in white’ who has been seen by many people in one of the parlor rooms, and one of the ship’s engineers that still haunts the engine room where he died.  

For those of you feeling really adventurous, the Queen Mary also offers a nighttime tour that includes a séance, a dining with the spirits experience, and paranormal ship walks.  Of course, the tour guide also tells you about all of the fascinating history that goes along with the historic Queen Mary, making this for one great tour!  

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Tours are held daily every hour from 11:30 am until 6:30 pm.  Ticket prices vary according to the package purchased.  

Savannah, Georgia

Josh of Peanuts & Pretzels

When we think of ghost tours in the US, most of us think of old cities.  And one of the oldest cities in the U.S. is located on the southern coast of Georgia, Savannah.  Like other old cities, Savannah has a deep history that includes many unpleasant things such as disease and death, politics, pirating, and of course the slave trade.   As a result, Savannah has some stories to tell, and some dark history above and below ground; which make for some great ghost tours.  

There are several different types of ghost tours in Savannah ranging from as low as $8 for self-guided to $30 for a full walking tour.  There are also walking tours specifically designed so you can take your traveling pets with you! During one of our visits we planned to do a candlelight Ghost Tour around the city at night.  Our tour was fascinating and gave us a deeper understanding of the city, as well as the hundreds of years of hauntings in the town.  

As we walked around the city our guide highlighted some important times in history and pointed out specific squares or buildings we passed by. We also had the chance to wander through one of the most famous and oldest cemeteries at night and hear about some famous residents from the past, and even some who still linger as hauntings.  We appreciated the glimpse back into the lives from another time. It made us feel fortunate to live in modern times, but also helped us to realize just how crazy the history of Savannah is.

Door County, Wisconsin

Hannah & Adam of Getting Stamped

One of our favorite weekend destinations is located right in our home state of Wisconsin. Located on the Peninsula stretching out into Lake Michigan sits Door County, boosting tons of activities, with adventure, nature and tons of fun in between.

A unique experience found in Door County is a little spooky – a ghost tour abroad a Door County Trolley! The company has been a local favorite in the area since 2000, when its owner got the inspiration to start his own trolley company after he experienced one on vacation in Savannah, Georgia.

The “Trolley of the Doomed” shares tales of ghostly sunken ships, haunted lighthouses and unexplained happenings from the area. The tour is the perfect combination of scary, fun and informative. We recommend this one of a kind experience if you find yourself in the Door County Area. The cost ranges from $32 per adult and $24 for children 5-16 years old.

Besides this ghost tour, there is also a Haunted Pub Crawl tour that gets you up close and personal with the “spirits” of Door County. The company also offers a variety of other tours as well, ranging from premier wine tours, holiday pub crawls and lighthouse tours.


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best ghost tours in the us
best ghost tours in the us

best ghost tours in the us
best ghost tours in the us

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