21 Bat Puns That Don’t Suck At All

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Bats have long gotten a bad rep, but they’re adorable and necessary for the planet. These nocturnal creatures use echolocation to navigate, and they’re the only mammal capable of flying. So, spread the word about them with these hilarious bat puns.

Bat Puns

21 Bat Puns and Jokes

1. I’m bats about you.

2. It be like bat.

3. Con-bat-ulations!

4. If you cross a vampire bat and a computer, you will have love at first byte.

5. Love to hang with you!

6. Am I into Halloween? You bat I am!

7. If you liked it, you should have put a wing on it.

8. You’re bat the bone.

9. Sorry our bat puns suck!

10. We’re a huge fang of bat puns.

11. You’re bloody brilliant.

12. I’m all a-bat you!

Bat Puns

Bat Jokes

13. What do you call a bat that works at the circus? An acro-bat.

14. What do you call a bat that supports you? A wing-man (or woman).

15. Why was the bat so grumpy? It was having a bat day.

16. What do you call it when two bats fight? A bat-tle.

17. Where do bats take a bath? A bat-tub.

Bat Puns

18. What’s an unmarried male bat? A bat-chelor.

19. How does a girl vampire flirt? She bats her eyes.

20. Why are baseball games at night? Because all of the bats sleep during the day.

21. How do bats greet each other? With a sound wave!

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