31 Horror Puns That Are Terrifyingly Good

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If you love horror, you probably also love the “bad” horror. You know, the ones that are more funny than scary. These horror puns prove just how hilarious “scary” can be.

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Whether you’re posting a photo for Halloween or just looking for a creepy caption, these will show off your love of horror. And these aren’t just Halloween puns. These are specific to horror themes and horror movies.

Horror Puns

1. Fri-yay the 13th.

2. I’m a real fang-girl of horror movies.

3. Being with you is a dream come true – Freddie Krueger

horror puns - freddy krueger

4. Anything ghost this time of year.

5. It’s scary how much I love Halloween.

6. No clowning around here. You’re IT for me.

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7. Scary movies are a ghoul’s best friend.

8. Do what comes (super)naturally.

9. Handle with scare.

10. You’ve gotta fright for your right to party.

11. If you’ve got IT, haunt it.

12. We’re just here for the boos.

horror puns - ghostface

13. Voorhees a jolly good fellow.

14. The witch is back in town.

15. Watching ‘The Purr-ge’ with my cat.

16. Watching a scary movie again because I’m a creature of habit.

17. I knew you were the one when I first ‘Saw’ you.

18. Handle with scare.

19. Just the tip, I promise. – Michael Myers

horror puns - michael myers

20. Let’s take a stab at it!

21. I’m a little screamish around Halloween.

22. I’ll never ghost you. – Ghostface

23. “You better boo-lieve I love horror movies.”

24. “I don’t always ch ch ch ch, but when I do, I ah ah ah ah.”

25. “Watching a scary movie again, because I’m just a creature of habit.”

26. Someone admyers you.

27. The return of Michael Meowers.

28. “You slay me.”

29. Can I be Frank?

30. I’m conjuring a happy birthday for you.

31. “In stitches over you.” – Leatherface

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